Symphia's first EP "Anteludium" is now available.

After several months of compositions and hours in the studio, we are pleased to announce that our first album has already seen the light of day and is now available both in our shop .

An EP entitled «Anteludium» (prelude in Latin) and is made up of 6 tracks, reaching half an hour in length, where you will be able to listen to a tracklist of songs with a strong Northern European metal feel, full of dark melodies that will grab you from the very first notes.

It is worth noting that the song «Firebird» is recorded with the collaboration of Marc Quee, vocalist of bands such as Esclavitud or Attentat rock (France) and who perfectly complements his prodigious voice, very much in the style of power metal along with Amy Gutiérrez, Symphia's own vocalist.

Anteludium has already sold more than 200 copies in the first few months after its release and has received orders from various parts of the world such as Japan, Germany, Holland, France, Brazil and the USA among other places, and has received very positive reviews from fans of the band. In addition, the album has been chosen by the website The Metal Club as the world's 8th best work of the year 2020 in its metal category.

Due to the difficult global health situation, the album has not yet been officially presented to the audience and is scheduled to be presented on 12 February 2022 at the event that Symphia will perform together with the renowned Spanish vocalist Leo Jiménez and which will take place in the Aguere Espacio Cultural in the city of La Laguna (Tenerife).

The tracklist that you will be able to listen to on this album is the following:

1. Living Like a Wolf
2. Eternal Flame
3. Kingdom of Souls
4. The Light Shines in the Darkness
5. Firebird (feat. Marc Quee)
6. Night is Coming