"The last day of this war", one of the new songs of the next album, in the process of recording.

As we announced a few months ago, Symphia was among the finalists of the contest «Resuena Puerto»A contest where musicians from various musical genres met and whose prize was the recording of a song accompanied by its respective video clip

The chosen song for this occasion has been «The last day of this war»,one of the new songs that will make up the repertoire of the band's next album and that will be recorded in advance to whet your appetite. It is an energetic melody seasoned with melodic overtones that continues to reflect the most characteristic style of the band in each of its notes.

The band is still immersed in the recording process and it is estimated that the song will not be completely finished for a few months, so there is still some time to pass through the ears of all its fans.

It should also be said that the band is not inactive, much less despite not having been facing the public lately. Although until recently they followed an upward trajectory with a boiling concert schedule, the unfortunate health situation that hit the world slowed their progress as it did with many other groups not only regionally but also globally.

In that space of time, the group has focused on composing the new repertoire that it will offer to the public on their return to the stage and on preparing new productions full of surprises. A break that will be worth it and that the band hopes will be reflected when they get back on the stage in a short space of time.