Symphia begins recording their second album with a renewed line-up

The symphonic metal band, Symphia, have started the recording of their second album. To do this, they have once again entrusted themselves to Yeray Lópezchoosing Th1rt3en Studios as they already did in their first album «Anteludium»back in 2020.

With a renewed line-up, having new faces on drums and bass, the songs that will be part of this new album will have a much darker tone and a substantial improvement in both composition and musical execution.

The new album will consist of 5 songs that the band has been working on over the last few years after the break they were forced to take due to the pandemic and other complications that prevented them from returning to the stage in the time they had planned.

Yeray López (izq) y Lito González (dcha) en una sesión de grabación.

For the time being, the drums have already been recorded by Leo León and guitars are being advanced at a fairly rapid pace by Lito González so we can say that everything is on the right track. From what the members of the band are hearing, still in the middle of recording, they are delighted with how the work is taking shape and they predict a quite satisfactory result.

This album will be a introduction to the new line-up and the new sound that the band will have from now on, which is why the members of the band consider it an important starting point to mark a before and after in their career.

Leo León en Th1rt3en Studios

Once the recording sessions are finished, the band will focus on continuing to rehearse for the concerts that may come out throughout 2023, where they also hope to make the first leap to mainland Spain to promote the new album, which is expected to be released before next summer.

One of the new songs that will be part of this new album will be the already well-known «The last day of this war» which the band presented as a video clip a few months ago as an appetizer, although the song will be re-recorded with the new line-up and with a much more elaborate sound at Th1rt3en Studios.

For the moment, we can only wait for more details to be revealed and for more news about the new work of the band from Tenerife. In the meantime, the band is still immersed in the recording process to be able to offer their audience a good result as a thank you for the support received during the last years. We will keep you posted!

Symphia presents a new video clip full of action

The band is still more active than ever

The last day of this war, is the title chosen for the second audiovisual work of Symphia and that has been recently presented to the public on their social networks. The video, in the purest dark style, invites us to enter a dark and cloudy night where we can see everything from an epic battle with swords to a procession of monks whose final destination is to watch over the soul of one of those fallen in combat.

This work has been shot in the Botanical Garden of Puerto de La Cruz (Tenerife, Canary Islands) and has had a greater deployment, both human and logistical, with respect to the previous video Kingdom of Souls released almost two years ago years. In this way, Symphia is clearly committed to giving the importance it deserves to its work on the small screen, wanting to offer the best possible audiovisual content to its followers.

The song in question will be part of his next record work which will begin recording in the middle of this year 2022 and of which no further details have yet been revealed.

Regarding its projection and short-term movements, the band is still active producing new material and waiting to close new dates for the events that are coming up soon.

Shooting of "The Last Day of This War" completed

As we have been announcing for a few months now, the band has been in the studio recording, as a single, «The last day of this war» one of the songs from the next album which is still in process.

To top it all off, the single will be accompanied by an elaborate music video which will be the second work that the band has added to its list of audiovisual works.

Filming has now been completed and took place in the Jardín Botánico del Puerto de La Cruz (Tenerife) where, under the direction of Clipia, a much larger audiovisual display was made than on other occasions, this time betting on offering the band's followers a new and better experience.

In addition to filming Symphia's own performance in a beautiful garden setting, an epic sword fight was filmed in a very sinister atmosphere that we predict will satisfy the expectations of the band's most loyal fans.

Actores interpretando una épica lucha con espadas bajo la supervisión del personal de Clipia

The result will not be released for a few months, but you can see, in the following video, a brief preview of what the filming day was like. A video in which the band has put a lot of effort to offer a better quality audiovisual material to try to make themselves known abroad.

From now on, Symphia's plans are focused on finishing writing the last songs of the tracklist of the next album, which will also include "The last day of this war", although they will combine it with some performances as they come up.

The band is looking forward to returning to the stage, which they abandoned almost two years ago due to the COVID-19 and they will do it with new material and renewed energy to start a new and more exciting stage.

In the meantime, we want to thank you for being by our side because, feeling your support, is what keeps us going. See you soon!

Making Of – The Last Day of this War