Symphia is already working on their next album

Almost two years have passed since the release of "Anteludium", Symphia's first EP. A long awaited work among the band's followers and that had a very positive review not only in Spain but also outside the Spanish borders. Fans from Germany, France, Brazil, USA, England and Japan have already been able to enjoy Symphia's music with a copy of the album in their hands.

Taking advantage of the time of hiatus due to the health situation we are suffering, the band has already started to prepare the new material for their next album, which is expected to have 10 tracks and continue with a darker line than its predecessor.

At the moment, the band has 3 new songs that can be heard in their upcoming shows, so the public will be able to enjoy live the new material they are creating without having to wait for the release of the new album.

Los títulos de los nuevos temas que se suman al repertorio que ya poseen son los siguientes: The last day of this war, In the middle of hell y Winter Symphony.