The symphonic metal band from the Canary Islands returned to the stages after several years of inactivity.

After a long time without being active due to the pandemic that affected the whole world, the band from Tenerife, Symphia, performed again in public on November 19, 2022 before a fairly crowded capacity. The old "Goymar", a festival already established in the Canary Islands for many years, was organized again but this time under the new name of Fire Valley Festival where the quintet was one of the participants.

Surrounded by a good heavy metal atmosphere and sharing the stage with other high-level bands, Symphia appeared again on the scene with a new line-up and two new faces; Leo León (drum) y Víctor Arrocha (bass).

A los tradicionales temas que acostumbran a tocar, la banda de metal sinfónico ofreció a los asistentes al evento una pequeña muestra del repertorio que formará parte de su segundo trabajo discográfico que se grabará en breve. Algunos de estos nuevos temas fueron Mirror of Fantasy, In the middle of hell o The last day of this war.

Despite some important technical sound issues that prevented them from offering the show they had prepared in conditions, it did not go any further and the performance could be carried out without problems, although with the regret of not having been able to offer 100% of what the band I had planned.

With an eye toward the future, Symphia is already warming up for the new year 2023 where they hope to be able to participate in the largest number of events that are coming out and to continue making themselves known even in the rest of the Spanish territory.

As for the new block that they have formed, the band now has a much more compact and technical sound than before due to the new components that have been incorporated and the use of musical sequences that give their songs much more presence in live performances. .

Having been released again, it only remains to wait for the machine to slowly grease itself again and the results of the work they have done can be seen in the shadows from where they come.