Kingdom of Souls, Symphia's first video clip, a hit on social networks

Since the release of "Anteludium", Symphia's first album, the band has been pleasantly surprised to receive good reviews on the material offered to their audience. And no wonder. A few months after the release of their first EP, they could feel the warmth of their audience with the growing demand for their records in many parts of the world. Fans from countries like Japan, Brazil, USA, Holland, France, England and Germany already have a copy of Symphia's work in their hands.

And it's not just the album that has been well received. To their surprise, the video clip for "Kingdom of Souls", one of the songs that make up the EP, already has more than 2,000 views on Youtube after a few months of its release, the band wants to thank its audience for the love and support received for the work done, which after all is done for them.

The song Kingdom of Souls, was composed by the keyboardist Alberto Arnay and clearly shows the strong influences of the metal music practised in Northern Europe, where this style is a tradition par excellence in those regions.

As the author explains, "The song tells the fantastic story of a daring girl who is determined to go into a forbidden forest. The place was inhabited by all sorts of strange creatures such as witches and ancient spirits, so it was her decision to go ahead.

In addition, as far as the musical part is concerned, Alberto explains that "The idea was to make a track mixing mystical, instrumental and heavier parts. I loved incorporating a violin passage that gives it a romantic and sad touch. I think in the end it was able to convey what I intended and it's one of my favourite tracks we've done so far".

Some fans who have listened to the album have sent their comments of congratulations and satisfaction to the band themselves, and they would like to express their gratitude to all those who have dedicated their time to helping the band continue to grow.

I love it! It's so catchy while at the same time has that dark tone with modern influences as well as influences from the good old days of 90's gothic metal. Lyrically very mystical all aroun

Sven Dederichs German fan