This is the drummer that Symphia has chosen for its new stage

Aunque la formación de Symphia ha permanecido sólida casi desde sus inicios, son pocos los cambios que se han visto en el quinteto de la isla de Tenerife. Antes de presentarse en sociedad, la banda presentaba otra formación distinta a la actual que, tras unos ajustes necesarios, terminó resultando la que el público ha estado […]


Symphia presents a new video clip full of action

The band is still more active than ever The last day of this war, is the title chosen for Symphia's second audiovisual work


Shooting of "The Last Day of This War" completed

As we have been announcing for a few months now, the band has been in the studio recording, as a single, "The last day of this war", one of the songs from the next album which is still in the works. The single will be accompanied by an elaborate music video.


"The last day of this war", one of the new songs of the next album, in the process of recording.

As we announced a few months ago, Symphia was one of the finalists in the "Resuena Puerto" contest. A contest where musicians from various musical genres met and where the prize was the recording of a song accompanied by its respective video clip. The song chosen for this occasion was "The last day of this war".


One of the songs on the upcoming album will be recorded in advance

After being selected as one of the finalists of the Resuena Puerto contest, organised by the Puerto de La Cruz City Council, in collaboration with the local production company Clipia, Symphia will have the chance to record one of the songs from their upcoming album in advance as well as a video clip to accompany the track.



A unique voice, an epoch-making frontman, a brave and groundbreaking artist, a benchmark of Heavy Metal. Leo Jiménez became known to the public in 1999 when he joined Saratoga as a singer. With the band from Madrid, in which he played for 7 years, he managed to perform at Las Ventas, among other things.


Symphia is already working on their next album

Almost two years have passed since the release of "Anteludium", Symphia's first EP. A long awaited work among the band's followers and that had a very positive review not only in Spain but also outside the Spanish borders. Fans from Germany, France, Brazil, USA, England or Japan,


Symphia's first EP "Anteludium" is now available.

After several months of compositions and hours in the studio, we are pleased to announce that our first album has already seen the light and is available both in the shop section of our own website and on all digital platforms such as Amazon, Spotify, iTunes... An EP called "Anteludium". Symphia's first EP "Anteludium" is now available.


Kingdom of Souls, Symphia's first video clip, a hit on social networks

Desde el lanzamiento de «Anteludium», el primer trabajo discográfico de Symphia, la banda se ha visto envuelta en la agradable sorpresa de recibir buenas críticas sobre el material ofrecido a su público. Y no es de extrañar. Desde los pocos meses de ver la luz su primer EP, pudieron percibir el calor de su audiencia con […]